Wednesday, 24 May 2006

I am lovin'

Henrietta. She was a labour of love, being the world's most complicated knitted toy and all, but I am pleased to say I think the degree of difficulty is evident in her finely sculpted form.

She's got 9 different body parts (not counting the end of her nose) and 3 garments (which is more than I can manage some days and you can forget about colour coordination).

She is also my first toy to feature plastic joints (count 'em there's 5), which I am pretty ambivalent about. Amy is dead impressed Henrietta can turn her arms and legs and head all the way round, so I guess it isn't all bad, but you just can't cuddle like you can with a squishy toy.

I've already started knitted critter two, but you'll have to stay tuned for details.

I am also kind of obsessed with these acorn type things that are all over the ground in a nearby park. There's something about their stripes and colours that strikes me as totally surreal. I sound like I'm tripping don't I? I could stare at them all day, wondering about the way each one is different to the last and yet so utterly acornish.

There are a few of nature's gifts that do in my head like this - the flowers on the passionfruit vine are another. Their form and colour is so incredibly complex, so mathmatical and precise and yet each one is slightly different, slightly off. It just seems like they are too amazing and perfect to be made in their thousands by a bunch of pant genes, by accident. Yeah I know I sound like a nutter but I can so easily get lost in these contemplations. Do you?

And the gorgeous Amy sent me these for no good reason at all except that she wanted to go spreadin' some love. Isn't she just the best? The striped bag has been carrying Henrietta-in-the-making around and now has my new project in it. I just love the fabric to bits. And the coaster is on my desk keeping my mug from leaving yet another grubby ring on some important piece of paperwork. Some great colours! Thanks so much Amy you are too too kind!

The last whiplash has finished for round 1 and I am really disappointed with myself for not entering any. I just felt, well, kind of intimidated about it. I know that's silly, but it all seemed so scary and hard. I seem to spend my life telling other people not to be intimidated and to just give things a go and here I am confessing to craft-fright. I can hardly believe it! Now I'll just go over and stand in the silly-billy corner.


Ash said...

My grandma used to make knitted toys and I had a whole bed-ful when I was little. I never appreciated just how much work went into them until I started crafting myself.

I had a piggy too - he was dressed in a policeman's uniform, complete with the blue hat and all! I think my grandma used to get the patterns from Woman's Weekly. Your Henrietta is gorgeous :) Well done!

Ali said...

Love the way Henrietta's little pig belly pokes out from between her two piece. Perfect.

Amy said...

Beautiful little piggy!
You are welcome for the coaster -- and thank you! for organizing the Use What You Have group and swaps. I know it is a lot of work and wanted to recognize that.

moki said...

Lucky! You got one of those great coasters! And you intimidated!? Your so creative and talented!!!

African Kelli said...

WOW! That knit piggy is so, so sweet. Love her!

Funky Finds said...

Ok, I seriously want to hug Henrietta! She's adorable. Nice work.

Angela Savage said...

Henrietta looks fab in the photos as in real life. Congratulations on a job well done. I won't spoil the surprise by naming the one you're working on except to say hope it's going well. BTW, don't you just love Ash's idea about a knitted pig in a police uniform?!