Wednesday, 31 May 2006

back tack home!

I've been holding off on posting anything about my back tack adventures because I'm just hopeless at the teaser thing. I'm trying to learn (see post below on knit project 2), but really I was nervous I'd let too much out of the bag or not enough, or something. But today my back tack buddy let me know my softie had arrived so I'm free to blab all I want.

So here's the wabbit. I can't remember a time I agonised over a softie like I did with this one. I agonised over the pattern, the fabric, the clothing, which additional went on and on and on. Pathetic!

And the root of all this anxiety is the incredible legacy of back tack. I first caught sight of back tack in the middle of wave 2 last year and I was so utterly gutted I was too late to join in that I have been in hyper anticipation of back tack 3 ever since. I so wanted to join in and I so wanted to make a really really good softie.

I had this B&W hatch fabric in mind from the very start, to me it is the essence of B&Wness. But it's not the kind of fabric I usually use for softies, I'm more a felt and knit chick. But a pure white it is pretty hard to come by in good felt. So I was wavering.

And add to that the whole pattern thing. In the start I was really keen on trying a new pattern, but I kept coming back to some of my favourites and wondering how important was it to go with the flow, to join in the uniformity? I figured the whole point was to join in so it would do me good to limit myself to one of the supplied patterns.

I decided early on I wasn't going with pointy kitty, I figured it wasn't my kind of softie. Love the pattern, just not me I thought. [Although last week whilst sitting in a restaurant I glanced across and saw a pointy kitty on the table next to us. Yep, you guessed it - a fellow back tacker out to dinner! Hi Osci Bear. And I LOVE pointy kitty and can't imagine why I didn't think it was me. I'm making her now Hilary!].

And I flip flopped for weeks before settling on the BHG rabbit. At first I was a bit perturbed about the proportions on the finished critter - the feet and arms were so much bigger than I expected and the head so much smaller. And the fabric I used was so thick and stiff that there were a few moments there I was thinking I had really stuffed it. So to speak.

So I decided to go with the freaky proportions thing and give wabbit some chunky big shoes and a long coat, sort of 70s style.

So I ended up a very long way from where I thought I was headed and I think that's a good thing. One of the strongest recommendations for participating in a great community event like back tack is the way it encourages you to do things differently, to try something new, to operate within constraints you normally ignore.

So thanks Nicole and Alison for your wonderful ideas, your organising, your presistence and your encouragement of connecting us crafters. Where do I sign up for Back Tack 4?


Funky Finds said...

omg, the wabbit is fabulous! i adore the shoes!!! and the color combo is so great!

Cheeky Beaks said...

Wow, that is one cool dude wabbit! Absolutely fab shoes and coat.

bugheart said...

my goodness sooz...
it is the perfect
backtack bunny!
you outdid yourself
and don't give yourself
enough credit.
really amazing
and i am sure your
backtack buddy
adores the wabbit.
backtack intimidates me.
probably because
i can't sew.

Ali said...

I know what you mean about the legacy of back tack. It's been my first swap and I was so nervous about putting it together. Especially since I got paired with an awesome sewer.

But your wabbit girl is just amazing. Her coat and shoes are perfect. Bet your partner was beside herself with excitement.

littlesnoring said...

I love how you managed to use 5 buttons in such a perfectly practical and balanced way - way cool wabbit!

Tania Ho said...

I couldn't believe my eyes when I opened the package and saw this wabbit - I absolutely love it ! thanks so much for making this for me :-)

li li said...

Oh, I just love your wabbit!!!! It's great!!! :D

lisette said...

the shoes are great - and i really like the embroidery too

Alina said...

Hello yourself!
Well, you should be happy with the wabbit, it looks fantastic.
I experienced the same back tack stage fright, but the adventure to different fabric shops and ways of doing things is worth it!

Dawn said...

I WUV your Wascally Wabbit!!! It is ALL good! Every.Single.Detail.
I think it would be waaaay too daunting to do the BackTack thing. I love what you all are creating. So fun to peek at the packages as they become available. Like participating without the stress...

Alison said...

The Wabbit is gorgeous - the colour you chose against the black works really well, and I love the matching coat and shoes :)))

Anonymous said...

Your back tack softie is on the road! I hope you like it like I do!

Tami said...

Wow ... your rabbit is truly amazing. He's so sophisticated looking. I agree with you about the intimidation of previous back-tacks. This was my first time too and I was extremely nervous about whether I could live up to the "legacy". Rest assured that you did an awesome job!

Sweet Treat said...

Wow! Your bunny is so..... I can't find the words! I think I am looking for perfect!

hillary said...

she's wonderful! great outfit :)

congrats on your nomination

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