Saturday, 15 April 2006

using more of what I have

Just a quick post - gosh Easter is proving to be really busy! The shop is going really well - better than I expected I must say. It's very starnge though to be getting orders from people I don't know. I'm still stuck in the mindset of expecting every customer to be someone with whom I do/should have a personal and ongoing relationship.

These floppy bunnys are my newest item for sale. Just because it's, you know, Easter and all.

Also very pleased with this dress I made for Amy. To make it I used one piece of purple corduroy, a tiny green remnant I picked up a while ago for 20 cents (can you believe they bothered?), two of the odd button collection we made in Thailand (one green, one purple), some of the cute green rick-rack Teresa sent me in my purple and green April colourifficswaporama swap and the fabulous gocco horse patch Rose sent me (thanks again Rose - we love it!).

She wore it to her kinder easter bonnet parade and although I upstaged her on the hat front (thanks to my gorgeous hat by Liesl), the dress was a complete winner.

And to all the kind folk who have left comments recently I've been a complete slacker about getting back to you and I unreservedly apologise. I've just been stupidly busy. I really appreciate comments, and if blogger gave me your email addresses I might be a bit better about getting back to you. See a good blogger always blames their host...anyway, please persist and I promise I'll get better.


Lazy cow said...

Gorgeous dress! I'm glad you've moved to Blogger. I kept wanting to leave comments previously but navigating through MSN(?) made my brain bleed.
Enjoy your blog, you're one talented woman.

Rose said...

It's so sweet! I'm glad I could contribute to its cuteness.
I love the bunnies, too!

shoofly said...

oh my....that dress is adorable! amy is a very lucky girl to get to wear such awesome-ness!

weirdbunny said...

Lovely bunnies, love their slanted skirts.