Wednesday, 12 April 2006

oh my

Gush alert.

The postman arrived bearing gifts a-plenty. Aside from the new VCR and cordless phones, which weren't exactly gifts since they are part of a very overdue insurance settlement, there was the package divine from liesl. How was it divine? Let me count the ways.

1. The hat. Which is perfect in every way. Colour, workpersonship, pattern. Exactly what I wanted, executed with finesse. Starting today I am never taking it off. She even pre-washed it for me in case I needed to wear it right away which is perhaps the most thoughtful thing anyoen has ever done for me yet, especially since yes, I did need to wear it right away. And I am.

2. The fabric. Four perfectly coordinated pieces with interesting prints in gorgeous colours. The one in the top left corner is may favourite (I think). I love that there is a mix of print scales, themes and styles as well as colours. I would never have picked these out, but they are so good together I'll now have to think up a special project for them.

3. The bits of stuff. It's like someone read my mind! The bits from the inside of watches - watches! Bits with technical names I will never know *sigh* and three little wrapped watch glasses. And stamps from far away and the wrapper bands from cigars. Is this woman an artist's angel or what?!

4. The card. Now liesl has never been to my house, never seen my garden, nor listened to me rave about it. But she knows. She knows. I love my garden so much that I do almost channel someone who does their hair like this and has blooms like this peeking over their shoulder. But mostly I talk like someone like this.

5. The extra special, coveted Australians denied new and improved speedy cut. I'd love it even if it wasn't new and improved. I'm breaking out in perspiration just thinking about using this and it's not just because I'm wearing my new hat with ear flaps down and it's 25oC.

6. Kids magazine. Now this may not seem a likely object of my gushing, but by total and almost spooky coincidence, I have been commissioned to make a beaver. This is something of a challenge, seeing as how we don't have them here in Oz, so I've never actually seen one in real life. In the last few days I've looked at lots of photos, but this is the best beaver face shot I've seen so far. I'll just add that in Australia, 'Beaver shot' has absolutely no connotations.

Thank you liesl, thank you, thank you thank you. I owe you some serious fun and I will deliver.

I was planning on posting about my own crafty adventures today, but I am a bit tuckered out after all that. It might have to wait. I'm going out tonight - yes out, like a grown up. I'm going to see a show at the Comedy Festival about a guy who rides his bike from Bombay to Beijing, and have drinks afterwards. And I plan to pretend for an hour or two that I do this kind of thing all the time. Let's see if anyone picks me up on it.


red swirl / ginevra said...

Hello Soozs!

Sorry, this is a bit random, lucky you, great mail by the way!!!

I saw you commenting on Liesl's blog about freezer paper. I've never seen it here either, but I just found it and it's even in Melbourne soon (I was looking for Kool Aid ... & thinking May sock wool dyeing). The URL is:

Suse said...

Hi Sooz, I'm so pleased to have found you again, and on blogger this time. Much easier to read and comment!

I was so sorry to read about your miscarriage (on the other blog). I miscarried just over a year ago and it was awful. And there IS a culture of silence. And you DO want to hide from the world. My sympathies to you. As I'm sure you're discovering, the pain does recede and life goes on.

leesa said...

Wow, what great mail, so much great sutff! I've forgotton what it's like to go out like a proper grown up *sigh* have a wonderful time on my behalf!