Friday, 7 April 2006

more sewing adventures

I finally finished this visha bear for Gwen. Completion was held up while I waited for delivery of a new batch of stuffing. Thank god for Sandra at Winterwood supplies is all I can say. She's trying to get a web site running and when she does she'll be getting a rave write up from me - and lots of orders from you folk I'll bet. But I'll save that gush for another time when talk of her exquisite wares can be more than just a tease :-)

Anyway, I am absolutely in LOVE with this bear! It's not often I feel particularly attached to one of my critters, but there's something about his woolly coat that just does me in. I think too I invested lots of love because Gwen seems like such a lovely person . I can't believe the generosity of her give away Mondays and her felted purses, hats and egg cozies are the very best of what felt can be. *sigh* Just love your work baby. I was darn sorry to see Visha go, but I think Gwen will be a great surrogate.

And I got down to using what I have yesterday by making this jumper from the offcuts of Amy's dress. It still takes me by surprise that sewing stuff for kids takes so much less fabric than for grown ups and a great big fat old me in particular.

It doesn't look like much laid out flat here but it fits Amy exactly perfectly right. She paraded around in it today on the way to dancing class. She insisted on wearing her sleeveless fairy dress so we had to shore the whole deal up with thick leggings, a jumper and a hat.

It's cold and grey and windy today and I have a shocker head cold, so it's lucky for everyone that dancing class was a success and Amy is sleeping right now. If she wasn't it would be ugly. Particularly ugly.

Oh, and to all those kind folk who have me listed in their blog links lists - can you update to my new blog? (I've been kind of surprised that readership for my old blog still far outstrips my new blog and when I checked the where from sheet I see lots are coming from you.) That would be just dandy, thanks.


kath red said...

hey sooz, am loving the new blog. the images are easier to see and it is a bit more friendly to negotiate.

love the pics of the kids and your recent crafts. we must talk soon.

red swirl / ginevra said...

Hello Sooz, I always try finding you from flickr, but it links to the old site and then I need to find the link through to here ... maybe other people just end up reading the old site? I guess there's also a transition time?

krista said...

I can see why you had a hard time giving Visha up - adorable!

bugheart said...

oh i am so sorry that
you had to part
with visha!
i promise to be a good
i must say it made
me feel like a little girl again
i fell absolutely
and madly in love
with visha
like i use to when i was
a little girl
and i fell in love
with a stuffed animal
in the store.
thank you thank you!

rfg said...

Oh that bear is too cute! Love it.

sexy said...