Thursday, 27 April 2006

more delicious postieness and a great new idea

The shopping sherpa read my last post on the yo-yos and has suggested a swap with a childhood faves theme. I'm liking it. Stay tuned for details as soon as we work them out!

Perhaps in the meantime we could start a meme on childhood favourites:

  1. Favourite special treat food - Violet crumble. That's a chocolate coated honeycomb bar to non-aussies.
  2. Favourite real food - Toasted tomato sandwiches. Scarily boring but it was my favourite thing on a friday night at home with my mum to get two pieces of hot buttered toast, slap on slices of cold tasty salted tomato and eat it. Mum must have been rapt I wasn't asking for something more complicated!
  3. Favourite thing to wear - The Spanish layered dancing dress in lemon crepe with a black velvet trim that was in the dress up box. Don't ask me where it came from but I loved the heavy drape of the crepe and the exoticness of it.
  4. Favourite place to go - Anywhere small. I was a total cubby house freak - who would have thought I would grow up to be claustrophobic?
  5. Favourite person - my mum. Am I dag or what? I was a real mummy's girl. Plus all my grandparents lived a long way away.
  6. Favourite event/occasion - First day of school. All that virgin stationary! Heaven!
  7. Favourite pet - Our dog snoopy. I bought him from another kid at kinder for 20cents and my mother was totally shocked that the other kid's parent thought the deal was solid.
  8. Favourite thing to do - Finding the buttons in the big button tin when mum was sewing, or cooking.
  9. Favourite TV show - Lost in space. Amongst others.
  10. Favourite book - The very hungry caterpiilar then later the wrinkle in time series.
Tell us about your faves and let me know when you do so I can read them too.

And I got another delivery today - my made thing swap from the use what you have group. This fantastic collection of bags was sent by Blossom's special orange. What a fantastic pack! A bag for every occasion in a range of black and red fabrics. What an impressive stash you must have! Thanks so much Marianne for such a wonderful gift, I just love all these fabrics and designs.


Amy said...

Fantastic haul on your swap stuff. I do love all that fabric - how fun it will be to use those bags. This is a downside to swaps though -- seeing this makes me guilty that I didn't make more for my partner. Ahhh, guilt.

I LOVED new school supplies too.

krista said...

Love the meme, I love revisiting my childhood... weren't the 70's the best ever? I'll get on it later when I get time.
Like the childhood swap idea too. Will keep a watch for details...

Funky Finds said...

I absolutely adore this ladybug material!

Beverly said...

The meme idea was great! I posted mine!

simmyb said...

The childhood favourites was such a good idea that I did mine. It's on my blog if you want to see it.