Tuesday, 18 April 2006

karmic balance sheet

This is the only way I can explain this - clearly I did something really good in a past life. Like acted as a human shield to protect small and completely innocent children, invented antibiotics or discovered the wheel. Maybe fire. Yeah, I think it was fire.

Just when I thought liesl had ruined me for swaps for ever (yes, I'm still wearing the hat and yes I still love it in an almost unnatural way) along comes Gwen.

You might remember I felt a bit sad about sending off young Visha, well let me say no more do I concern myself. Ooooh no. Visha, you are better off without me, you have most definitely gone to a better place. No three year old good morning jam toast fingers all over you. No getting stood on in the overcrowded and seriously filthy lounge room. I suspect a life of blissful adoration is yours. You lucky little bugger.

Visha was my part in a swap with Gwen. Gwen hasn't done her part of the swap so she sent me this. Just to like, keep me going.

First off, it all came in a box. And it had lots of bubble wrap and packing beads and fragile stickers and all the stuff to get you really excited. (When will I learn to get my camera first?)

And all so gorgeously packed up with these signs and some little notepaper.

I had to stop half way through - I think I was actually hyperventilating. It was pathetic, like I never get to leave the house or am kept in a cupboard and fed on table scraps. Anybody would think I didn't have a life or something.

There was these fabulous pyrex bowls from Gwen's give away Monday.

And the cuter than cute hand knitted and felted egg cozies for Amy and me. Luckily David likes to sleep late.

And then, and then, this beautiful felted green wool and this fantastic book.

I actually saw this book once in a store, but I had to leave quickly because I left drool marks on one of the pages and when I went back (in full disguise) the book was gone and I never saw it again.

How amazing is all of that? Gwen, wow. You have blown me away with your creativity, your care and your increadible generosity. Good things should be coming to you in spades baby.


sooz said...

Oh my goodness - I forgot to add the fantastic bookmark!! I love that too Gwen and the sewing is really good. Photo on Flickr

bugheart said...

i am glad you like it!
but i am still making
you the bag
and hat...
this was just
a little something
to tie you over!
more to come...
i was worried
the cat needed
a nose but
grub told me to stop
with embellishing.

Amy said...

You have been living right indeed -- I need to learn the art of a nicely packaged swap I think. Beautiful...