Saturday, 8 April 2006

i'm in heaven

So I'm going to brag about this. Tonight I overcame a long time phobia and made gnocchi. From scratch. Until now I have been surrounded by two schools of thought - those that inspire fear in the face of this project and those that seem all too blase. It's so easy! It's impossible! It's just potato and flour! It turns into mush instantly!

But the gorgeous Maria lent me a potato ricer (such an excellent kitchen device) and put the mozz on my denial. I am now firmly, firmly, in the easy peasy lemon squeezy camp. It is just potato and flour and they did not turn to mush or come out like stodgy cricket balls.

They were light pillows of delectable sauce gripping flavour. I am a convert. I feel evangelical.

I thank Armando Percuoco and his fabulous tutorial and tips in the September 2005 issue of delicious, the world's most informative, useful and mouthwatering food magazine with around 60 new recipes every month for a paltry $6.50. Subscribe right now. Praise be.


jennifer said...

oh my! it's such a delicious little secret of how easy they are to make - and they are sooooo much lighter than storebought, don't you think! enjoy enjoy!

Amy said...

Hmm. Maybe I'll have to try them again. I made them once as a teenager when I didn't know to be intimidated. Didn't really love them though, as I remember. You do make them sound tempting.

elisa said...

My grandma teached me how to make gnocchi, with italian recipe, of course. If I have spare time, sometimes I cook them with gorgonzola sauce. I'm not a great cooker but if you want my recipe, simply let me know.

bugheart said...

gnocchi is my most favorite thing
but i let my partned make them
because i turned them into mashed potatoes
last time i made them!