Tuesday, 11 April 2006

good times

Here in Melbourne there's no doubt Autumn's definitely arrived. This is what I see out the window as I shower each morning. Just a few weeks ago this was a carpet of green grape vine leaves and now it's fiery red.

We had an absolute ball on Sunday at the annual Thai culture festival in Federation square. I stupidly didn't take a camera, so no pics. You'll just have to take my word for it and if you are in Melbourne, plan to be here this time next year. Chanting monks, jazz bands playing great tunes of the 40s written by the Thai king, beauty pageants, regional dancing and the obligatory Thai food stalls. We danced and ate and had a great time. It was nice to hear people speaking in Thai again.

When we got home I did some sewing, finishing off another Max (the best yet I think, as the pattern is slowly evolving and improving). It's going off for a toddler, so no tag or bell for this little guy.

Also finished off a swap I've been working on for weeks for little munki. I've made a lot of these puppets lately and I must say I am kind of looking forward to a break from them. In fact I plan to try out something new today, I'll post on this when things are a bit more advanced.


leesa said...

Oh my goodness, Ilove them already! They are beautiful Sooz! I sure am a lucky little munki!

Ali said...

I really like the slightly sad expression on your little lion puppet. Makes me want to play with him to cheer him up.

bugheart said...

the elephant is so cute!

krista said...

You've inspired me to do some "little" projects seeing these finger puppets again... can I ask what kind of felt you use - is it of the craft shop variety?