Monday, 24 April 2006


Is this cool or what? I'm really surprised how quick this was and how few mistakes I made (only 3). Considering it's the first hat I've ever done, I'm seriously excited. I used the gnomey hat pattern from here, although I used 100 stitches instead of 50, and 5mm pins instead of 3.25mm and did an extra couple of rows of decrease at the end. I didn't bother with the earflaps, since I've already got one of those thanks to liesl. Amy is already lining up for hers. Lucky we have a long drive ahead of us tomorrow.


telfair said...

What a great hat!!
I just made a couple of smaller ones, like that, for babies. It was a great feeling.
I really like this adult version, too -- I saw it on the Hello Yarn website and didn't like the felting (but now that I see it without the felting, I might make one for myself!)

bugheart said...
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bugheart said...

hats will abound
(strange to think
of knitted hats
when the temperature
is climbing here)...