Thursday, 20 April 2006

all hail

OK when I said invented fire, I meant I started by inventing fire. Clearly I went on to do other even more fabulous things. Lots of other fabulous things. David is home from work this week and he's beginning to think there's something dodgy going on ...

After my last post, the postie arrived again. I didn't even know they did more than one delivery a day.And woaw, what a pack! I must say I suspected where it came from as soon as I saw the fantastic envelope. The paper goodies in Asia are just so fantastic - an Astro boy envelope?! How cute is that?

Inside was Julie K in Taiwan's parcel of paper delights for my April use what you have materials swap. Chock-a-block with collage materials, paper stock, stickers and an example and instructions for making a star book. There was also a pooh bear baggie for Amy from Julie's daughter and a whole stack of other little bits and pieces.

I used to love paper work, but I have to say I've let that particular craft slide a bit in the last few years. Not anymore! It's especially welcome since Amy's most overused phrase right now is 'mummy can you do collage with me?' There'll be a whole lot of snipping and pasting for quite some time.

So that was Tuesday. Then yesterday I got home to find ANOTHER package. Yep you read right. And not just any old stuff. My much anticipated and very excited about pack from Leslie.

It's the return parcel for the Max I sent her a little while ago. The photos aren't great because it was late when Amy and I got home, but it was so exciting we whipped it open and took a few pics.

Amy was dead impressed that there was something inside with her name on it and she quickly undid the lace tie and unfolded the gorgeous floral flanelette to reveal her special present (more on her in a moment).

Meanwhile I undid my cashmere wrap to reveal a gorgeous leather bound journal (wow!!). Love the mushroom card which impressed Amy twice - firstly because she thought it was a bike and then again when I said it was mushrooms because they are her favourite food. And who knew kool aid could be used as a dye?! Another fun project in the wings.

So Amy's present was one of Leslie's fantastic oobees, made in a gorgeous soft pink cotton with a fantastic crochet scarf in green. Amy and I are both in love with her. Thanks so much Leslie!!!

Last night she had to sit with Amy while we had dinner, had to come to the bath (though not in), because 'oobee wants to be where I am' says Amy. Needless to say she slept with her in bed and has taken her to kinder today. I'm kind of bummed about that because I was hoping to sneak in some cuddles when no one was looking because although I'm a grown up and should be able to graciously hand over toys to Amy I secretly wish oobee was MINE. I've got a bad case of unrequited love for this little critter. It's kind of pathetic, but oobee just screams cuddles at me as she flies past in Amy's arms, and I miss out every time. Sigh.

(I'd love to know what you use for stuffing Leslie - oobee has such a nice squishy feel and the beads in the limbs are a nice touch, what are they??)

Feel completely overwhelmed by the generosity of my swappees this last week - thank you all so much for making me feel really special. And for freaking David out. I think he's worried I've started or joined a cult. The cult of making stuff and giving it all to sooz.

Meanwhile, in my crafting world, the hat has inspired me to take up knitting again. I'm not a great or sophisticated knitter, and the pattern I am using is already morphing into something I'm making up as I go along, but I'm making an effort. With the help of Ang, my knitting and crochet instructor, I'm making progress.

I'd love to hear from any aussie knitters about where you get good yarn here, since all the places I used to shop when I knitted no longer exist. When I read knitters blogs they are always posting such gorgeous looking skeins I'd hate to rely on the 1 or 2 boring commercial producers I see in Spotlight.

Oh and I had a couple of people asked me about my pattern drafting class from my post on sewing. I did it at the CAE (Council for Adult Education) and heartily recommend it. It was held at night over a number of weeks and taught by a guy who used to design patterns for Fletcher Jones. I also bought a book (Creative cutting by Diana Hawkins) which covers all the basic techniques in a scarily 80s kind of way, but I found the book largely impossible to conceptualise until after I did the class. For me it was too big a leap to make without some guidance, though I am sure many can learn from a book like I can't.


telfair said...

Long time lurker, first time commenter...*hello*!

Suse at Pea Soup recommended a great yarn shop in Albert Park, called Wool I go there almost every week. Nice designer yarns, Debbie Bliss, Jo Sharp, Kureyon, etc., nice staff, nice atmosphere. I haven't had to turn to another "boutique" yarn shop since I found them.

Hope this helps! I've been enjoying your blog, BTW.

leslie said...

hey sooz! you just made my whole week with the glowing review of amy's oobee (it IS amy's after all... maybe i need to make one just for you!), i'm blushing reading all the nice words. embarrassingly, the stuffing is just plain old polyfil, purchased at spotlight. i tear it into small bits before stuffing so maybe that makes a difference? and the plastic beans are another spotlight find, in the teddy bear making area. my favourite stuffed animals as a kid were always a bit beanie!

sooz said...

Thanks for the plastic bean tip! I'll be hunting these out next time in out in the craft buying world. Glad we made your week - you made ours! And yes, I'd be in line for an oobee when there is one going!

The Shopping Sherpa said...

Try - they're in Perth but have a pretty good website from what I can see (not that I'm buying wool this month)

bugheart said...

oooh i want
and oobee
can't wait to see
your collages!

sooz said...

oobees are for sale from Leslie's site on occassion - I thoroughly recommend their purchase :-)

Anonymous said...

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lisette said...

hi soozs ! depending on where you live i can highly recommend the knitter's workshop at the very top end of lygon st in east brunswick - it also has the advantage of being near gj's discount fabrics :)

Julie K in Taiwan said...

Can't wait to see the collages you and Amy make, and if you make a starbook... enjoy!

Julie K in Taiwan