Thursday, 30 March 2006

we have hair

A look at this really makes me understand where the term pigtail comes from. Look at that perfect little corkscrew curl would you? Believe me I did nothing to make it happen, her hair was just made that way. Normally it is a mess of fine fly aways, but gathered together it very occassionally comes out like this.

It's taken her nearly 4 years to grow enough hair to make a viable tail (as she calls it). She's never had a cut. She asked me to take a picture so she could see it from behind because she's desperate for long luscious locks. Poor kid, it'll never happen with her genes.

She's struggling into her shoes to shoot off to kinder on the back of dad's bike. What can I say? She's the best.

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Linda said...

I bet it curls that way *because* it's never been cut. It's because the tips come to a fine point, and the hair as a whole tapers naturally. So you get a natural cork screw. My daughter has fine flyaway hair too, which means it dreads practically overnight, and I really feel that we should cut it so that we don't have to go through the ordeal of combing it out every day, but I will be so sad at the loss of the curls.