Tuesday, 28 March 2006

Comments! Comments!

It's really quite rude how excited I am to hear from you. After my year in the MSN comment wilderness I thought I was OK with the blogging just for bloggings sake thing. I mean, I know I craved more reciprocal dialogue, but gee logging on this morning and finding 5 comments in one day nearly had me jumping on my desk. (Lucky I didn't, I don't think it's that strong.)

It's not a vanity thing (although I do feel pretty darn pleased with myself that anyone wants to read what I have to say), but it's just so nice to feel a part of the gang. Especially when some of those comments come from people whose blogs I have been reading religiously for like a year (hi Rebecca and Fiona) and now I have three new blogs to check out (hi Caitlin, Pyglet and Stephanie). (And all those links actually worked, my goodness.) It's like I died and went to heaven - THANK YOU!


bugheart said...

comments make me happy too!
it's so much fun to get feedback
and know what people think of your work...
thanks so much for stopping by my blog-
now i too have new blog to check!

Caitlin said...

And now I get to read some more faboo blogs too - thanks for the links!

Stephanie said...

yep..and then we all get to see other blogs by reading you comments! i have been reading your blog for sometime, and i have to admit that the msn comment things is pretty tiresome when i had so many comments to make!! i am so glad you are on blogger now, so that we can all show you how much we love what you do and say!! welcome to the world of easy access commenting!!

pyglet said...

Yes I get comment-glee when I see those numbers pop up. Lets not mention comment-glum when they don't.

Linda said...

Oh, believe me, I know. You're definitely not the only one to feel this way. ;)